Vintage 1969 Scotty Trailer – My Newest Design

I’ve just completed my newest cross stitch camping design, the 1969 Scotty Trailer.

I was contacted via my Etsy shop and asked if I could do a custom design.  It’s too costly for me to do a custom design, but I will add to my design portfolio if I like the idea, so that is just what I did!

Here is the photo I was sent –

and here is my finished piece –


Funny story about the door mat / carpet … I designed it green and dark green but stitched it orange by mistake … yes, even the designer messes up once in a while!  I like it orange, but you can always use different colors, more like your own!

I’ve just been contacted to design a truck and camper … how many people camp in them?  It may be one of my next designs!

You can find this new pattern and all of my past designs in my Etsy store!

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  1. I ordered the 5th wheel pattern and I was wondering when I should expect it?
    Thank you and have a great day

    • Hi Dawn,

      After the pattern has shipped it should get to you in 2-3 days depending on which State you live in. I’m in Southern California ..

      Hope you already received it!!

      Thanks much! I appreciate the order!


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