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How-To Make a Cross Stitch Bookmark


1. Complete your cross stitch pattern. This “I Love 2 Camp” pattern is appx. 9″ x 2″.1-Finished-Cross-Stitch-tn
2. Measure about an inch from your pattern and pin to mark the line you will want to trim on.2-One-Inch-Around-tn
3. The measurements have been made and it is all marked and ready to trim.3-Trim-1-inch-around-tn
4. Cut a back piece to match your front piece. Make sure to follow your cross stitch fabric and trim a straight line.


5. Match front to back and pin.


6. Sew around your pattern. I measured 4 rows on my Aida cloth out from the pattern. I used 2 strands of thread and sewed up and down skipping two squares each time. I was careful and matched up the holes on front and back.


7. Leave your tails lose. When you start with your second length of thread, tie the two together.7-Back-Sewing-tn
8. Tying the two threads together.


9.The sewing is complete.


10. Now, I am ready to trim this down a bit.10-Front-Complete-tn
11. I measured out about 6-7 squares/lines and trimmed around my stitching.11-Trimmed-tn
12. Take a needle and start to pull out the threads,


13. Do a little at a time to make sure you don’t pull too hard and have it affect your pattern.


14. Sides are pulled and ends are now frayed.14-Ends-done-tn
15. All done! Both sides are now frayed.


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