Camping Sayings … do you have a favorite?


For my next Cross Stitch design, I will be creating a beautiful fun creative magnificent border 🙂  …  with a Camping saying .. well lots of different choices of camping sayings.

So far, I have come up with these (with a little help from Pinterest) –

Always At Home – Wherever We Roam

Home Is Where You Park It

Home Sweet RV Home

Home Is Wherever We Are Together

Keep Calm and Camp On

Some favorites on my Pinterest Camping Board –

Camping SignI am a Happy Camper - Camp Cross StitchHappy Campers Live HereHappiness is Camping

Do you have a favorite camping saying?

Please share yours and I might have that as an option for my cross stitch design!

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  1. I am looking for the pattern for the round crossstitch pattern i am a happy camper. Does this come as a kit.

    • Hi Judy,

      I don’t have that one as a kit or pattern. I will be creating my own pattern soon with different sayings for it. I will post when I have the kit and pattern available.


  2. I have ordered from you before do you sell the pillow pattern saying and also the one that looks like the little air stem that says i’m a happy camper would love to get them both if they are available in a pattern form.

  3. We camped awhile ago and the office had a sign that read “RV having fun?” I’ve looked for that everywhere. Would love to see you create something!

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